Disk brakes to suit your 64-66 Mustang

We were the first to produce a disk brake adaptor. 14 years ago I noticed that the bolt spacings on the HQ Holden calipers were similar to the original Kelsey Hayes calipers. I set out and designed an adaptor plate that resembled the original Kelsey Hayes plate. It was interesting that when I had the original analysed, it was a very poor grade
of casting. The adaptor plate we had made was made out of SGI cast, the best available.

I used these for many years until the foundry closed, what to do now? The result, a re-design and an improved adaptor plate made much cheaper. We now use VR Commodore calipers, Falcon rotors XW-XY. XA-XC can be used but you have to change the wheel bearings and cones to XW-XY.

We use and supply a Mustang booster/master cylinder which is specifically produced for disc brake conversions but we do need to know the year of your car and wether it is auto or manual transmission.

NO, we dont do the work for you but this has been done by many mustang owners and they have not found it to hard, alternatly most mechanics can do the job for you.

Why can’t I use Falcon stub axles and discs on my 64-66 Mustang?

The reason is that the angle of the tie rod is different even though it looks the same and will throw the steering geometry out.

Cost of the adaptor plates $130 a pair.

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